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Westwood Council Candidates Unite to Bring Real Change

Westwood Council Candidates Unite to Bring Real Change


PALESTINE, TX–With the May 6 local elections coming up, the three candidates in city council District 4, the Westwood area, have reached an unusual agreement.  They have formed a sort of “candidate union” in which a vote for one means a vote for all.  “Westwood is a blue collar area of the city,” explained Quentin Cotton, one of the three candidates in the district, “and in the past, many of our workers belonged to unions, so, the three of us got together and came up with what we think is a workable plan.”  Cotton is running for the District 4 seat along with Kenneth Davidson and former Palestine City Marshall, Joe Baxter.

According to Davidson, “Basically, the three of us will serve concurrently, putting our thoughts and ideas together, voting among ourselves as a three member commission and whatever the majority of the three of us want, that’s the final vote that will be made at council meetings.”  Baxter further explained, “Officially, whoever has the most votes from the May election will be the public face of our trilateral commission.  That’s the person you’ll see sitting at council meetings, but we have a binding agreement among the three of us that all matters before the city council shall first be brought before the District 4 Trilateral Commission for consideration.   Whatever that vote might be, that’s the vote that will be cast during council meetings as presented by the chairman of our commission. ”  Cotton added, “We’re tired of the same old stuff, we’ve got District 1 and District 6 rich folks going around town trying to stack the council in their favor, spewing out promises of prestige and special favors in the process.  That’s not true democracy and we’re tired of it!  This is our way of making sure the people in District 4 have a real say at city hall.”

When asked about the legality of this arrangement, all three candidates stated, “Who cares, nobody in the ruling class of this town follows the law, so if the uppity get a pass, then the hard working men and women of District 4 shall get a pass.  We’re tired of being ignored and mistreated by the talking heads at city hall and the money bags who run this town.”   And with that, all three unelected candidates voted “aye” to the idea and stated in unison, “It’s time to make Palestine great again.”



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