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Three Palestine Council Members Treated for ‘Malnutrition’ During Council Meeting

Three Palestine Council Members Treated for ‘Malnutrition’ During Council Meeting


PALESTINE, TX—Three members of Palestine City Council were treated for ‘malnutrition’ during the regular meeting of the Palestine City Council Monday night.

Mayor Therrell Thomas, District Five Councilman Mark Price and District Four Councilman Joseph Thompson suffered “severe acute malnutrition,” according to a press release from the City of Palestine.

The condition was brought on after the decision was made to hold the work session in council chambers as opposed to the conference room where typically meals are served to council during those work sessions.

“I didn’t realize we were moving the work session  to chambers, so when I arrived at city hall it had been several hours since I had eaten,” Mayor Thomas told The Dogwood Tale, “And I was expecting this meal.  My body just began shutting down during the water meter discussion.  Eventually, I just leaned over and told Wendy to call an ambulance.  I wasn’t even aware that Joseph and Mark were having the same problem.  Wendy attempted to resuscitate me with her Big Gulp drink, but that proved unsuccessful.”

Price remained hospitalized from the incident and was unable to comment; however, a spokesman for Palestine Regional Medical Center said that the councilman’s condition was stable, but critical.

Thompson told The Dogwood Tale that his term on council had been “trial by fire.”

“First, the chief thing, then the water meters and now, I almost died tonight,” Thompson said.  “I was told there was food available when I made the decision to run for council, I expect there to be food.”

After treatment by emergency personnel, the meeting continued in Prices’ absence, but the upcoming budget was never discussed because of the incident.

“We were unable to discuss the upcoming budget due to this incident,” the city’s press release said, “But we’re on track to approve it and are looking at budgeting more funds for council food.”



  1. I can’t believe this story LMAO!!! There are millions of starving people in this world who don’t eat for days. These three can’t go a few hours without eating?? And why do they need food there??? They can each bring a Snickers bar to hold em over until they get home to there fully stocked fridge!!! SMH

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