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Anderson County Sheriff Warns of Local Scam

Anderson County Sheriff Warns of Local Scam


PALESTINE, TX—Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor says his office is receiving numerous complaints of a scam being perpetrated on residents inside the city limits of Palestine.

The sheriff says a group of people are reportedly masquerading as local government and bilking residents out of their hard earned dollars. The sheriff reminds city residents that it’s easy to tell the difference between legitimate government and a scam government.

“In a legitimate government,” he says, “the employees and government officials put the taxpayer first, in a scam operation, high level employees and officials look after themselves above all others”.

The sheriff said another tip off of a scam government operation is lack of concern and an “oh well” attitude when residents complain of poor service or high taxes and fees. He also noted that scam governments rely on lame excuses when confronted with questions as to “when are you going to fix this problem.” Taylor added, “the scam is all about putting money into the pockets of officials and taking care of their buddies, there is no real effort to do what’s right for the citizens.” The sheriff went on the say, “Unfortunately, the law is the law, and as long as voters keep putting these same folks into office, there’s not anything we can do as a law enforcement agency because, legally, the victims are repeatedly giving permission to these scam artists to take their money.”

The sheriff was sympathetic as he summed up the situation, “It’s just a case of the old adage, a fool and his money will soon part.” When asked if he had any advice for city residents, the sheriff offered up two words, “Vote wisely.”


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