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Presley Predicts Title of “Best Mayor Ever”

Presley Predicts Title of “Best Mayor Ever”


PALESTINE, TX–Veteran city councilman, Steve Presley, says he gets it and boldly predicts he’ll be the best mayor the City of Palestine has ever had.  Presley, who was appointed to the District 6 council seat in 2004 and has served twelve years in that position, says he is hopeful voters will ignore his inaction on infrastructure issues, his crony insider deals and his manipulation of the Texas State Railroad because he wants residents to believe he is really there to serve them. “Image is important, what people think is more important than real facts and real consequences,” Presley commented.

“It’s like I told the residents in District 2 when I grabbed the microphone and took over councilman Jordan’s town hall meeting, if you have property along the old TSRR line into the downtown area, donate that land to the city so we can do the right thing,” Presley stated, “Why should we have to buy you out through eminent domain, you need to be a good citizen and do your part, you’ll save your fellow citizens money in the long run.”   When asked his thoughts on how city mismanagement has cost taxpayers over the long haul, Presley responded, “See, that’s what I’m talking about, we need to plant the image of citizens kneeling at the feet of big government and offering up whatever they can for the greater benefit of all concerned.  We don’t need negativity in Palestine.  We need to be progressive.”

Presley is so confident in his visions of grandeur, he has already ordered a bronze statue of himself to be placed in the railroad park at the intersection of West Oak and Spring Streets, just across from the visitor’s center.  That park originally was to have been completed in December 2014 according to documents obtained by The Dogwood Tale, but it was only recently that commemorative brick sales began through Presley’s nonprofit corporation, Palestine Tomorrow.  Insiders tell us Palestine Tomorrow will initially fund the statue project through private donations but the cost will eventually be passed back  to taxpayers through repeated requests for “art funding” during the city’s budget process.

Presley did not deny rumors about the statue, he simply said, “I think I have a pretty face, I think I could be the greatest historical face in the history of Palestine, so, why wouldn’t we build a statue honoring me?”  then added with a wink, “I just need to convince others I’m right, which is pretty easy to do in Gullible Town USA.”


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