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Palestine’s downtown  business owners vote to eject new downtown club that caters to blacks

Palestine’s downtown business owners vote to eject new downtown club that caters to blacks


PALESTINE, TX—Business owners in Palestine’s downtown area have voted to eject the new nightclub owned by Palestine City Councilman Mitchell Jordan and his brother, Gerald.  The Platinum Zone opened on January 6 and videos on social media suggest that the first night had a huge turnout.

“They were open one night, and I knew they had to go,” Mary Jean Mollard, who owns The Redlands, said.  “They were everywhere and laughing and having a great time, and it was a horrifying sight.”

Mollard”s position is understandable when you realize that at 615 years old, blacks had very few rights in her early years and, thus far in life, she has refused to change with the times.

“I’m not changing, and that is an absolute fact,” Mollard screamed at reporters.

Mollard said that on the first night it was open she knew problems would arise when she experienced something shocking.

“I’m walking near the club and I pass one of their customers who looked me in the eye, and asked me how I was doing,” Mollard explained.  “He looked me in the eye, and that is never supposed to happen.”

Palestine City Manager Mike Hornes announces the decision of downtown business owners at a press conference.

The vote was unanimous and requires that acts of vandalism and cross burnings occur at the club until the Jordan brothers voluntarily decide to depart.

“We’re going to try to refrain from burning any crosses in the first two weeks, but if they’re not gone, we’ll have no choice,” City Manager Mike Hornes said during a press conference announcing the business owners decisions.

“I would have preferred to run them out with burdensome regulations, but he has Bob Herrington on his side, and the bastard knows all the rules,” Hornes explained.  He added, “He doesn’t know anything about our rulebook.”

Hornes was approved to join the downtown business group at the same meeting.

“What we are doing in stopping this infiltration of our beautiful downtown area is to make sure that we preserve the empty buildings downtown until we find someone desperate enough, and white, who is willing to go in, open a business, and go out of business in about a year,” Hornes told reporters.

Hornes said he is open to discussions with the Jordan brothers on how they should exit their downtown plans as long as it happens quickly.

“They just need to understand their place in society, and while there is a lock on the back door of city hall, if they could come through that entrance when they want to talk, I would be very grateful,” Hornes said before walking away from reporters refusing to take any more questions.



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