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Palestine Transgender Residents To Be Allowed to Choose Restroom

Palestine Transgender Residents To Be Allowed to Choose Restroom

Larry Pannell now admits that he is Wendy Ellis, after sex change. Embraces his transgender status.
Larry Pannell now admits that he is Wendy Ellis, after sex change. Embraces his transgender status.

PALESTINE, TX—Transgender Palestine residents are celebrating an executive order by the City of Palestine’s Assistant City Manager/Finance Director Larry Pannell ordering all city buildings and local businesses to allow people to use the restroom for the sex they identify with rather than their assigned sex at birth.

Pannell, himself a transgender who previously held the city manager’s position when he was known as Wendy Ellis said that the order was based on his personal experiences as a transgender and felt now was the time to make the change.

“The current controversy facing our nation makes now the best time to make this move,” Pannell said.  “There are only about 600 people that have any business complaining because they actually voted, but the rest of you can just forget it!  We’re not listening to your whining!”

Pannell also explained that the change now, while the nation is focused on President Obama’s recent executive order requiring the same of public schools, means that most won’t even notice this local change.

“When I was Wendy Ellis, every morning that I looked in the mirror to shave, I knew that eventually I would have to face the truth.  Following my operation, a three day procedure completed at a Florida Sea World Facility, I decided to return to Palestine to live, but my secret was revealed by the media and, well, now you all can deal with the problems head on like I did, whether you like it or not,” an obviously angry and vindictive Pannell said.

Weighing in on the controversy, incoming District 1 Councilmember Will Brule applauded the decision.

“I’ve lived most of my life as a man,” Brule said, “but there are days when I wake up and just can’t decide.  Now, thanks to Larry, I can just choose a restroom like I choose a bow tie.”

Pannell said any local businesses that refuse to comply with the executive order will face fines and other sanctions.



  1. No more shopping in Palestine. That’s my choice since you left ME no choice. Creating a Gender Neutral bathroom would have given EVERYONE a choice and the best route to have taken.

  2. I currently identify as a Cisgendered Nosexual…..but I have a birthday coming up and I just bought my wife some flowers, so part of that may change soon….I hope.

    1. **I had to clear that comment with the Boss first so she would not kick my butt later. Luckily she laughed…and laughed…and laughed….and then poured a hot cup of coffee in my lap. I am going to go with,”Oops, it was an accident honey”, and give her the benefit of the doubt.

  3. All I’m saying is if you wish not to have nuts anymore then come on in the bathroom with me I will not only remove them free of charge but I will also provide free lunch when I feed them to you .

  4. The Dogwood Tale does this all the time. All I have to say is is you have to take a piss go freaking piss! Moms have been taking their little boys into both bathrooms for a long time. Just go freaking pee already!

  5. I don’t think the majority of people that are publicly complaining are worried about the folks that have been using the restroom of their choice for decades. It is the laws that are being made that prevent people like THIS from going into the bathroom with their kids and wives. Yes, there are plenty like this ‘out there’. It is also the laws being forced on local municipalities by Washington that tell them what they have to do in their schools. The young ladies in jr high and high school have to be considered when they say that they feel very uncomfortable knowing boys can get naked in their locker rooms. Yes, that is what the new laws are trying to do. I am not necessarily speaking for myself, my wife and kids can handle their own, but this is the feeling that I get from reading FB. It is not close minded to want to make your teenage girl feel safe. No, transwhatever people are not attacking anyone in bathrooms, it is the people that will inevitably take advantage of the laws, the pervs, the hetero’s, the sickos that folk’s are worried about.

    What bathroom does this person get to use? ( and be protected by law)??????

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