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Palestine Residents Fed Up!  Demand De-annexation

Palestine Residents Fed Up! Demand De-annexation


PALESTINE,TX–Residents in council districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 are circulating petitions asking for de-annexation from the City of Palestine, only it’s not for their own districts but for the affluent districts of 1 and 6 which are losing popularity with the majority of the town.

Several thousand low and middle income residents attended an uprising at the First Church of Hopeful Outcomes to air their concerns about the continued influence by those who are out of touch with the real Palestine.  “We’ve been held hostage long enough,” resident Ima Herton of district 3 said, “I can’t take it no more.”  District 4 resident Mark Miwerds chimed in, “She’s right , you know, we got rich folks going outside their own districts and using their influence peddling skills and promises of notoriety to woo candidates they can control, candidates that will vote the way them puppetmasters choose.”

Cries of “Hear, Hear” and “Amen to that” filled the Church hall.  “Hell, look at the candidates in district 6,” exclaimed Ben Dair, a resident in district 3, “We got a playboy,  one who frequents Hooters, drinks a lot and dances for the camera, gyratin’ and makin’ gang signs, hell, he makes Herrington look like a choirboy.”  Dair continued his tirade, “OMG, and the other candidate in district 6, that Connor lady,  she done pledged allegiance to Presley no matter what, looks like she’s licking his bootstraps and probly wipin’ his rear end at the same time.  Have you folks seen the ties between her husband, that man who used to be publisher at the bird cage lining poop sheet we call the Herald Press, and Mollard and Hanks and Presley, that Palestine Tomorrow outfit?  Hell, they done ruined Palestine today to the point we ain’t likely to have no tomorrow.  She ain’t no candidate, she’s just playin’ a part.”

Dair wrapped up his impassioned speech, “Hell, you ain’t gettin’ nuttin’ but the same old crap, guaranteed. Promises, promises, always empty promises at taxpayer expense, our expense.  All they is doin’ is makin’ shore their quality of life doesn’t change, the rest of us don’t matter, we don’t exist, oh, but they shore like to take them green dollar bills from our pockets.”

District 2 resident, Phil N. Lowe, said, “Shoot, district 1 ain’t no better.  You get Brule, then Harding, then Brule, then Harding again.  I’m beginnin’ to think only two folks live in that district.  Where the other folk?  I do wish Harding had run for mayor, he woulda won big time over Presley and it woulda stopped some of that craziness Presley’s been spreadin’ for way too long.  Just glad we got Ms. Theresa runnin’ for mayor, she’s good and honest and got a real shot at this thing.”

With contested races for the three district seats up for election in May, those in attendance did appear hopeful that should their petition drive fail they’re at least in a position to maintain a grip on city government in the unlikely event Presley somehow wins election as town president.  The crowd noted they got good folks in districts 3 and 5, so if there are good results in 2 and 4,  “Presley’s gonna be wonderin’ why he got hisself into this.”  As the meeting was about to end,  district 5 resident Jose Publica made one final observation, “Seems kinda strange the ballot has Sims and Hamilton-Roberts for mayor and Presley for President, I wonder how that happened?”  As the residents filed out the door, words of encouragement filled the air, “Take back our town. time to take back our town.”



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