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Palestine Jack in the Box:  ‘We are out of everything but the straws.’

Palestine Jack in the Box: ‘We are out of everything but the straws.’


PALESTINE, TX—The Jack in the Box in Palestine announced today that they were out of all products, but straws.  Palestine residents are familiar with the restaurant being out of product, but this is the first time the establishment has been out of everything.

According to the manager, who did not speak English, “Estamos fuera de todo excepto las papas.”  Translated by Google:  We are out of everything but the straws.

According to a company spokesperson, customers are asked to be patient, but to help the restaurant continue to pay their employees.

“We’re asking customers to buy food at nearby restaurants and then return to Jack in the Box and buy a straw for a quarter,”  the spokesperson said.  “This way, we can continue to keep our doors open while we wait on the truck, due tomorrow.”

The restaurant is also out of all 100 flavors of drinks.

“We literally have nothing but the straws to sell,” the spokesperson said.

The manager was very apologetic.

“Lo siento por esto y no voy a decir que no puede suceder de nuevo, pero voy a tratar mejor,” the manager said.



  1. I must say I am not a fan of the dogwood tales. Only because there are so many idiots out there that believe it then get all crazy with their comments. Irritates me so I choose not to read comments. I however just busted a gut giggling at this one! Love the imagination! Ps, still didn’t read it

  2. What’s better, this may very well not be satire.

    I went the other day to get a jumbo jack, and I couldn’t get my food because I only had a credit card.

    They told me they were out of card readers.

  3. Wow I went the other day and ask the guy plz don’t mess my order up I ordered 3 burgers and 2 cokes sure enough got home had 3 pitas and the cokes was sprit come on now

  4. I get a kick out o these tales. All my family lives out of town so I share some of these with them and they get all excited and start calling wanting to know all about it, so I embellish i somewhat and then chuckle.

    1. I’m not the only writer but I enjoy doing the site and writing the articles. My sense of humor gets lost sometimes to the reader lol but glad you enjoy it!

  5. JIB has been one of my favorite restaurants for years but until I hear reports from a lot of people don’t think I’ll be going there. Sucks because I’ve been craving a monster taco

  6. No I was living around the corner from one in the early 80’s it was closed down for using “meat” that wasn’t beef….just the idea of jack in the box now is just ewwww

    1. I heard it had improved. That new people at the top were sent in. There was an employee that used to comment.. I wish he’d come back and fill us in.

    2. The manager there is cutting the hours to the black people and the white people and bringing in more Hispanics I haven’t been on the schedule for 2 weeks and I had to call HR and corporate just to get some hours also had to get a second job because of it

    3. Well, you have to fight. The job isn’t worth holding onto if you’re not getting hours. Not Much to lose by fighting if you’re not getting hours.

    4. There are people that are scared to fight it but if I lose the job or not I am leaving in two months for a military school I am just going to try to fight the discrimination up until the point I leave

    5. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Fairly useless except it puts them on notice and if you can find an attorney to take the case (I know some that might) you can sue.

    6. Do it. Once you do, nothing will happen really except the company will give their position statement to eeoc. They may and I stress may step in and make him do business better, but in about six months you’ll get what is called a “right to sue letter” and then you start attorney shopping.

    7. I don’t know how the checks are written out or anything but if you go to jack in the box any time during the day you will normally see a gold pt cruiser there I have seen her do it when my shift was ending she clicked out and clocked right back in with a different number and went back to work

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