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Palestine Council Candidate Will Brule:  ‘We’re getting a Planned Parenthood!”

Palestine Council Candidate Will Brule: ‘We’re getting a Planned Parenthood!”


PALESTINE, TX—City of Palestine elections are in full swing as former District 1 Councilmember Will Brule has signed up to seek the position again and sat down with The Dogwood Tale for an exclusive interview.

Brule said his goal is to genetically engineer a better Palestine resident and, he means it.  The most important part of his platform, he says, is the opening of Planned Parenthood clinics within the city.

“Abortion is the one tool we can use to control the rise of this negative part of our population,” Brule said.  “Take, for example, our current mayor.  Can you imagine if he were allowed to reproduce?  What that could mean?”

Brule announced that one Planned Parenthood clinic will open in the coming months.

Brule, a strong supporter of abortion, said that the city would require abortions of some residents and others upon careful review of their status in the community.

“We need to limit the birth of poor people, people with opinions that differ from mine and people who dislike former city manager Wendy Ellis,” Brule explained.

Brule explained that abortion would be used with forced pregnancy using his and former Mayor Therrell Thomas’ sperm.

“We wanted to use [District 6 Councilman] Steve Presley’s sperm, but he can never produce a usable amount even when we tried to collect it on a private Polar Express excursion.  Mine and Therrell’s will be enough.”

Women selected to be impregnated will be selected based on the first two digits of their water account number and following an extensive interview process.  Those that refuse will be fined, Brule explained.



  1. This hardly is a humorous topic. As a former fetus myself, I find this very offensive.

    A sense of humor does not require the ability to laugh at every joke on every topic.

  2. so I really hope that Planned Parenthood is not coming to east texas because i promise they wont last…myself and many others will make sure of it…

    1. I have to respectfully disagree… There are many sources of free or greatly reduced price birth control options… I think people tend to be lazy, think “oh, it’ll be fine!” Until it’s not.
      Only when they are faced with a “consequence” is it that they take action.

      (This isn’t applicable to everyone, certainly.)

    2. Like I said you aren’t going to sugar coat what they represent and the evil within Planned Parenthood… Go to your family physician for your birth control.

    3. Planned Parenthood does much more than abortions. They provide birth control & prevent abortions. They also save lives thru cancer screenings. If someone wants to have an abortion, they will. They don’t have to go to Planned Parenthood.

    4. I agree with Rebecca Lott.. that’s no all they do. And anyways pp don’t go asking people” oh are u pregnant? Well u need to have an abortion”.. PEOPLE CHOOSE TO DO THAT. U CAN’T blame them for what people decise to do

    5. It shouldn’t be an available option. But either way you all should really do your studying on Planned Parenthood because you all are so naive…

    6. I have 6 children. They care less about your health and more about helping you murder your child. I’m pro life. Planned Parenthood and their naive followers must all be baby killers.

    7. I am no a baby killer , if I was I would t have my baby girl.. that wasn’t or never will an option for me.. I don’t even go there.. but I know people that do.. and they just go for birth control pills or get check.. or are u against those things too? U might be. Bc 6 childrens? That’s quite alot

    8. But man’s law means nothing. God’s law says its not legal and says no man has the right to take another man’s life. Which means every sort of killing is wrong. No matter what you believe this is what it is.

    9. I believe in God AND I agree with you. That shouldnt be and option but u ain’t the one that have to face God at the end.. everybody have the right to do what they want.. and me personally ain’t NOBODY to judge them.. like honestly let’s say.. some 12 year old girl gets rape you think she does not have the right to choose if have a baby that was no plan at all a kid having another kid? Things like that it’s what I think about.. everybody make their own choices

    10. Where I’m trying to get. Is… stop suffering for.other people choices.. they do what they want period… like I said.. me personally will never do it.. I don’t even think I have the heart to do it.. but at each their own.. I ain’t nobody to judge.. doesn’t GOD say that too?

    11. I asked earlier if you had anything, such as a link, to back up your assertion that “Yet the vast majority of its income relies on abortion related services.”

    12. Evidence was asked for; evidence was supplied. Just because it is not from a source you deem reputable, and because it does not fit into your liking, it is dismissed?

      Good day.

    13. What one finds reputable another might not.
      The various national media outlets are a perfect example of that.
      Frequently, MOST people are wrong. Fallacious thinking. Numbers do not prove truthfulness. Ever.

  3. I also feel that if people are really set on abortion, which I DO NOT condone, they are going to have it done. probably by some guy in a basement with no sanitation. Or try and do it themselves. Or just drop the baby in a trash can. There’s nothing we can do about that.

  4. Actually Kyle, I am also pro life. But I’m not naive. You have decided PP is all about abortions. It isn’t. Abortion is a small part of what they do. You should educate yourself about their services. If they are closed there will be more unwanted pregnancies & more abortions. The abortions will be more expensive & women will resort to unsafe abortions. Besides, abortion is legal. I don’t agree with it but it is legal. Work on changing the law if you don’t like it.

  5. That law doesn’t mean shit. Everyone knows its wrong and your conscience will haunt you. But I do know for fact that free clinics exist everywhere women can get all they need. And the women’s and children’s centers everywhere. Planned Parenthood whether you like it or not have an agenda to keep children from being born. You can say all you want they’ve already been exposed.

  6. Oh bullshit Kyle.Their “true” agenda? And it was PEOPLE that pushed the government to make it legal. I hate to tell you this but all Americans aren’t Christians. You don’t have to be a Christan to be an American.

    1. Its not murder if its not a ‘person’…. 2 days after your sperm and her egg get together, its an embryo, it DEVELOPS over TIME into a baby. Thats why its important to abort the process before its to late. Its a sad thing to do, yes, but life is not always pretty

  7. No sugar coat or bandaids. You have bad info if you think PP is mainly for abortions. That is simply not the truth. No matter how many times or how forcefully you say it. Perhaps you aren’t knowingly telling lies, maybe you don’t know any better. You are incorrect.

  8. I’m 100% correct mam. Maybe something extreme will have to take place for you to let go of denial. 1 abortion is 1 too many. They receive paychecks on the death of children. Wake up lady and take a second to let it all marinate. I’m expressing the truth about Planned Parenthood.

  9. You have a very narrow view if all you care about is they murdered a baby. If abortion were illegal, they wouldn’t perform them. And God’s law is not the law of the land regardless if you think it should be.

  10. God’s law is the law of the land darlin just because everyone doesn’t follow it doesn’t mean it is not. But I digress. I’ve said enough and it seems you work for them so have a nice day.

    1. YOUR VERSION of GOD is NOT LAW of THIS LAND! Thats why we have separation of church and state, sir! If EVERYONE blindly went by the Christian chruch, we would all think that the earth is flat and the center of the Universe, but man has since looked for the REAL TRUTH of this Universe we are part of, and we call that science! Without it you would not have the device your using to spew beliefs made up thousands of years ago when men were clueless!

  11. Jay, the best I can find between doing this and cooking dinner is, that if (a big “if” it’s true), then it’s because the other services are free, or on a sliding scale. Abortions aren’t free.

  12. Jay, I haven’t forgotten about you. Reading soundbites is getting me nowhere, so I have her actual testimony bookmarked, and will listen to it later.

    But so far, it appears my initial assessment may have been correct. That abortion funds go to pay for the free services they offer, birth control being a huge one. Which prevent more abortions.

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