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Palestine City Officials Reveal 2022 Winter Games Logo

Palestine City Officials Reveal 2022 Winter Games Logo


PALESTINE—Flanked by Mayor Therrell Thomas, three members of the Palestine City Council and representatives from the Texas State Railroad (TSRR), Host Site Committee Chairman Jackson Hanks revealed the logo for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

Proposed logo for 2022 Olympic Winter Games
Proposed logo for 2022 Olympic Winter Games

“As part of our preparation to be considered for the 2022 games, we were presented with the challenging task of developing a logo for the events,” Hanks announced to the small gathering, “and after a lengthy creative meeting, we were swept away by a three hour presentation by Steve Presley, plus it had gone on for so long and I had to pee so, you know, I kind of just gave up.” Presley is an avid supporter of the TSRR and the current district 6 councilman in Palestine.

After his brief comments, Hanks revealed the logo which displays the TSRR logo as the center ring and railroad tracks comprising the remaining rings. “It’s beautiful work,” Hanks proclaimed before quickly making his way to the restroom.

Presley then took the podium and explained the inspiration and how this vision of the logo came to him.

“I was at home playing with my model trains and as I watched the train circle the tracks, the vision suddenly came to me to create this beautiful logo to put the Texas State Railroad on display for the world in 2022,” Presley explained. “I realize it is a change to the official logo, but once the International Olympic Committee realizes what Palestine and the Texas State Railroad have to offer on the international stage, they’ll agree that these modifications to the logo are acceptable,” Presley responded when asked about the complete overhaul of the official Olympics logo.

Presley stated that by using the proposed logo, the city avoided the expensive task of hiring a professional marketing team to produce a logo for the 2022 games. “The only expense involved was the purchase of Adobe Photoshop for approximately $999, but the city has been gracious in loaning this money to TSRR with an agreement to make interest only payments for the foreseeable future,” Presley explained. Presley said with a wink, “We should be able to pay off the loan principal by the time the winter games begin in 2022.”