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Palestine City Manager Seeks to Eliminate Council Control

Palestine City Manager Seeks to Eliminate Council Control


PALESTINE,TX — According to sources within hearing range of city manager Wendy Ellis’ office, the perceived wicked witch is secretly plotting to influence members of the city’s charter review committee in hopes of eliminating the function of city council once and for all.  Her nefarious plan involves vesting all powers with the city manager as long as she is in control.  Should she ever be removed from office, her city charter would automatically declare Ricky Minton as permanent CEO of the city, an irreversible move she feels will guarantee her wishes will be granted.  “It’s really very simple,” she explained to her confidants, “It’s a choice between me and Ricky and I figure folks will choose me, and if not, there will be hell to pay!”

Others in city hall, however, feel they are already living in hell and would welcome the influence of Mr. Minton who, while admittedly confrontational, brash, bold, overbearing, uncouth, insensitive, and unfiltered, is no Wendy Ellis, which they say is a really good thing. “There’s no one like Wendy,” one employee said, “Which is a damn good thing, because she is leading this city down the path of total destruction.  We might as well eliminate council because they are as useless as tits on a boar hog.”

Several other city employees voiced their opinions saying that the other six members on council should take their lead from councilwoman Vickey Chivers. “She’s got it right,” they say, “Treat Spendy Wendy like the war on drugs, just say no!”


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  1. I am interested in knowing what Mrs. Ellis does from now on. She sounds like another Obama or Houston’s mayor.

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