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Prayers Answered:  Mexican Tap Water on the Way to Palestine

Prayers Answered: Mexican Tap Water on the Way to Palestine


PALESTINE, TX–Local Economic Development Director, Tom Manskey, announced early Friday afternoon that he and his staff had just inked a deal with a tap water firm in Mexico to send several million gallons of emergency relief water to Palestine.   According to Manskey, “We’re losing sales tax dollars due to the bad taste and bad quality of our local water supply, so this is just one way EDC can help keep jobs in the city while boosting sales tax dollars at the same time.” Manskey  further explained, “By improving the quality of the water,  anxious customers will overcome their fears and start returning to our restaurants confident in the knowledge that the quality of water being shipped in from Mexico exceeds our local standards.”

The first shipment of fresh water from Mexico was being pumped into plastic barrels at the Montezuma Water Company headquarters late Friday afternoon and was headed across the border to Palestine where it will be distributed to local restaurants beginning Sunday.  Customers should begin noticing a vast improvement in water quality in the next few days.

Many complaints have been voiced recently about the bad taste of Palestine water which has affected tea, soda and coffee at local restaurants.  Many of the eateries had stopped serving those products, especially tea, which led one visitor from New York to quip, “Welcome to Palestine, the city that never steeps.”  Manskey hopes the fresh water from Mexico will bring an end to the local jokes about poor Palestine water. “It’s bad for our image,” he said.



  1. I will just warn you. We used to go to small Mexican villages. They had water barrels like this sitting at every house. This is what they used for everything in their home, including cooking and making coffee. We ate with them and always enjoyed everything we were served. But do beware, the donkeys come up and drink out of the barrels, too. I’m just sayin’, watch out for donkey slime. Otherwise all should be good.


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