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Gay Rights Activists Descend on Palestine to Defend Mayor

Gay Rights Activists Descend on Palestine to Defend Mayor


PALESTINE, TX—Despite a recent push by former Palestine mayor Therrell Thomas, local citizen Mary Raum and others that the use of the word ‘fag’ by a caller on an episode of Mayor Bob Herrington’s radio show, Meddling in the Morning on KNET, was offensive, gay rights activists have arrived in Palestine to defend the mayor.

Gary Brightwell, a spokesman for the gay rights group says the comment was not offensive.

“We didn’t find the comment offensive, but instead find this sudden rush to defend us gay people by people in a community that overall have openly opposed our right to marry and be happy people as the real offensive act,” Brightwell said.

According to Mayor Bob Herrington, he believed the caller said the word ‘fat,’ not ‘fag,’ and is standing by this assertion and, apparently gay rights groups agree.

Therrell Thomas, former mayor and potential candidate for District 5 council, a position up for re-election in May, disagrees with the activists.

“Obviously, these fags are offended, they just don’t realize it,” Thomas said. “I’ve spent my entire life defending fags and will continue to do so. I’m announcing that if I am elected to District 5 council, District 5 will have an all fag housing development and most straight people will be required to move to another District. That’s how serious I am about this issue,” Thomas said.

Local citizen Mary Raum said she supports gay marriage and wonders why the activists are supporting the current mayor.

“These are silly fags,” Raum said. “Maybe we need to get some fags with some self-respect in Palestine to take a stand against this delusional bunch of fags.”

The news of District 5 becoming an all gay district had straight residents fleeing to other districts, but council members from other districts were concerned, for security reasons, about accepting the influx of straight refugees.

“We have no way to conduct proper background checks on these purported straight refugees and without that assurance, I cannot allow them to seek refuge in District 4,” said District 4 Councilman Joseph Thompson.

Adam Harding, District 1 council member, expressed similar concerns.

“We have no way of knowing whether these straight refugees are, in fact, straight,” Harding said.

Mayor Bob Herrington denies that there is any security risk and insists that each district in Palestine will accept straight refugees from District 5.

“It is un-American to deny these refugees safe haven in other districts,” Herrington said. “It goes against our fundamental principles as a country and as a welcoming community in Palestine.”

Critics believe the straight refugees should be provided a safe zone in District 5, and not be allowed to re-settle in other districts.

Palestine City Council is expected to consider an emergency ordinance that would not allow the straight refugees from moving into surrounding districts, but despite their best efforts, almost 400 straight people have re-located into surrounding areas as of Sunday night.

The straight refugee issue is expected to be a heated topic Monday night at the meeting of the Palestine City Council.