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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW:  A Nice Story on Mayor Therrell Thomas

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A Nice Story on Mayor Therrell Thomas

Palestine mayor, Therrell Thomas.
Palestine mayor, Therrell Thomas.

PALESTINE, TX—In an exclusive interview with The Dogwood Tale, Palestine mayor, Therrell Thomas, was asked a series of questions and as usual, the mayor was in an extremely talkative mood.  Asked what he thought about living in Palestine, his reply was, “Nice.”

We asked what it’s like to be mayor and he said, “Nice.”

Regarding the job performance of city manager, Wendy Ellis?  “Nice.”

Owning a liquor store?  “Nice.”

Being bald?  “Nice.”

Having sex once a year?  “Nice.”

Scratching his balls during council meetings?  “Nice.”

Illegal dumping at Wells Creek?  “Nice.”

Budget shortfalls?  “Nice.”

How ’bout that new clock on the wall?  “Nice.”

Hey, mayor, we have infrastructure issues!  “Nice.”

Did you know city hall burned to the ground?  “Nice.”

Wendy spends more time away from work than at work?  “Nice.”

Some city employees are not telling the whole story?  “Nice.”

You’re going to lose the election?  “Nice.”

We visited the personal Facebook page for Therrell Thomas and there’s only one word to describe it…..Nice!  So, thanks for reading our nice story, have a nice day all you nice people who live in this nice town run by nice people who are all so nice.  We are so lucky only nice things happen here as some towns deal with some not so nice issues.  Maybe the mayor should change his slogan to “Nicer Things”…..just a nice thought for such a nice day!  (If you feel the need to comment on this story, please keep it nice and simple….”nice” or “not so nice”…that should suffice, that’s our advice, we won’t say it twice, so if you don’t listen then you’re not nice!)


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  1. I wasn’t aware that the Mayor could scratch his, uh, well, you know, since he obviously doesn’t have any, judging from his actions on council. Perhaps Wendy has them in a jar in her office where he can visit them from time to time. I think that’s “nice”.

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