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Don’t Give ’em the Cold Shoulder, Blue Bell Lives Matter!

Don’t Give ’em the Cold Shoulder, Blue Bell Lives Matter!


PALESTINE, TX—The monthly meeting of the local “Blue Bell Lives Matter” support group will be held on Memorial Day, May 30 at Kroger in front of the ice cream freezers along the west wall of the store.  The support group rotates each month among local grocery stores that offer the popular Blue Bell ice cream.

In 2015, Blue Bell ceased production of its ice cream due to an outbreak of Listeria.  Gradually, over a period of time, the product became available in various locations around the country and then, earlier in 2016, the product was back on most store shelves.

Local shoppers report suffering various physical and mental ailments during the time the product was not available for purchase.  One customer, Annabell, says she suffers from PTSD and fears she could once again become separated from her favorite treat, “I felt like a soldier who had been cut off from his unit,” she says, “and I was desperately trying to get back to safety. It was definitely a ‘Mayday’ moment but my calls for help were ignored. I was alone in enemy territory and it was frightening!”

Another group member, Christopher, painted a different picture by talking about the surgery he had during the time Blue Bell was off the shelves and  describing an out-of-body episode while under anesthesia, “I could feel myself leaving my body,” he explained, “and I was being drawn toward some very cool air.  I looked down and saw myself on the operating table where the surgical team was proceeding with my gastric bypass procedure.”

As he floated above the surgical team, an experience he has a hard time accepting because in his words, “fat don’t float”,  Christopher says he glanced upwards, “And it’s at that very moment that I saw it, a giant tub of Blue Bell ice cream.”  Christopher said he was scared at first because he felt it was the excessive consumption of ice cream that had resulted in his surgery, “But then” he continued, “I heard the surgeon say, poor guy, he should have stuck with the Blue Bell, it’s all those pizzas, donuts, hot dogs and hamburgers that really brought him to our table.”

At that point, Christopher maintains that the tub of ice cream beckoned him, “Some people claim to see a white light, I saw a tub of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream and I embraced it.”  To this day, Christopher claims  that when his hands touched the container, he heard Angels singing, “What a glorious day that will be, when my Blue Bell ice cream I shall see.”

Anyone who has a story to tell about your traumatic months of living without Blue Bell, or if you are a survivor and have words of encouragement for those struggling to recover, you are invited to attend the monthly meetings because life is not just about blue lives or black lives, it is also about accepting the fact that Blue Bell lives matter, too!


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