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Domestic Assault Breaks Out on Live Radio Between Palestine Mayor and Co-Host; Serious Injuries Reported

Domestic Assault Breaks Out on Live Radio Between Palestine Mayor and Co-Host; Serious Injuries Reported


PALESTINE, TX—A horrified audience listened on KNET on Wednesday as Mayor Bob Herrington and co-host Darla Holt became involved in a dispute that escalated to a physical altercation resulting in serious injuries to the victim.  A listener, who realized that the assault was not part of the show, called police who responded to the scene and arrested one and rushed the victim to Palestine Regional Medical Center.  Other listeners simply asked on Facebook if anyone was listening to the assault and asked for advice on what to do about it.

The assailant has been told to not speak to the media by an attorney; however, Palestine chief of police Mike Alexander did speak about the incident and provided details.  KNET has pulled the audio on demand of the radio show from their website and has refused to release it to the media.

“The dispute began when the assailant was interrupted by the victim, ” Alexander said noting that he has listened to the entire incident as part of the investigation.  “The assailant became increasingly angry until finally assaulting the victim multiple times in the head and face with a microphone, a stool, before using a set of headphones as a tool to whip the victim into submission.”

Alexander said that the victim sustained serious injuries to include facial injuries, three broken ribs, a broken arm and lacerations over the victim’s entire body.

According to Palestine Regional Medical Center, Mayor Herrington is recovering and is expected to be released in time for Thursday’s show.  Holt was released from jail on bail and despite a protective order insists that she, too, will be on the air when Meddling in the Morning goes live at 6 AM.

Alexander said that he has assured Holt that if she violates the protective order she’ll be arrested again.

“The mayor is terrified after this brutal assault and a protective order is in place.  She can’t be on the show either in person or telephone or she will be in violation and subject to arrest.”



  1. You made Bob the victim. Good move, but somewhat anticipated. It’s called “SATIRE”, people. Look it up in the dictionary.

    1. Do you realize that every single article ever written on that website with maybe the exception of two, someone says “I don’t think that jokes about [subject] are funny.” The bottom line is that people have got to get over themselves. It’s not real!! Is it edgy? Sure! But you see worse on movies and television that what is in that article.

    2. Well sir I’ve been in domestic abuse and it in fact isn’t funny no matter how you paint it! And I can also state my opinion about the subjects on here. I will not be “getting over myself” anytime soon, thank you very much!

    3. Linda S McClanahan Dolbey I’m sorry you were the victim of domestic abuse and it’s true you can stare your opinion on here. That’s what I created the group for, but the whole world doesn’t grind to a halt because you were a victim. Do you keep your television off to avoid seeing anything remotely resembling domestic abuse? This is no different than any other form of entertainment.

    4. Domestic abuse is the worse form of power a man uses over a woman…I too am sorry that you experienced this crime of power….I hope and pray you pressed charges and left his sorry butt along with his possessions on the curb!!!…I count you as a survivor and glad you are done with the man’s abuse(power play) against you…Now, this does not mean we can’t laugh or joke about issues…If that were the case, there would be no stand up comics, satire movies etc…This is just my opinion!!!…The PC movement has got to stop!!!!…

    1. Well, I’m offended that your offended bc if your offended about being offended, I can’t be offended more then your offended by the offended party that you offended…Oh BTW, did I tell you to get over being offended!!!…bc I’m more offended from infinity and beyond being offended!!!…

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