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Dogwood Tale Garners Local Support

Dogwood Tale Garners Local Support


PALESTINE, TX – Local residents desperate for quality news reporting have started ditching the Palestine Herald-Pressley in favor of The Dogwood Tale and asking one very simple question, why can’t the quality of the local newspaper stories match the well-written satirical articles that routinely appear in The Dogwood Tale?

One resident who cancelled his newspaper subscription stated, “I realize The Dogwood Tale takes things to an extreme, but it is all designed to make a point.  The Herald-Pressley on the other hand goes out its way to protect the status quo,  seems to me if you want to be a legitimate newspaper, then you’ll be the voice of the people and now, that voice belongs to The Dogwood Tale.”

In a poll conducted by The Dogwood Tale, 756,832 residents of Palestine chose us over the Palestine Herald Pressley about who was more trustworthy.  We appreciate the support and we promise to stay vigilant on your behalf!


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