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Councilman Presley Seeks Black Vote in Race for Mayor

Councilman Presley Seeks Black Vote in Race for Mayor


PALESTINE, TX–In all out bid to win support of local black voters, longtime Palestine city councilman Steve Presley promises “One quarter acre and forty chickens” to any black who will vote for him.  Presley noted he has been acquiring land during his twelve years on city council with the sole intent of using it for political clout if he ran for mayor.  That day has come and so has his announcement.  Presley says those blacks who present him with a ballot showing they have checked his name as mayor will receive the land along with a box of forty baby chicks which they can raise and then sell to Sanderson Farms.  “It’s just one of the many ways I give back to the community I love so dearly,” Presley stated.

Presley explained how his idea fits into his overall economic development plans for the city, “By putting cash into the hands of local residents from the sale of chickens to Sanderson Farms, sales that would only be possible from the gift of public lands and baby chicks acquired at local taxpayer expense, I can then entice those residents who receive the “free gifts” to spend their profits in businesses that benefit my friends and by doing so we will bring true economic prosperity to all who live here.”

Presley said he has a long track record of economic development success stories including the Texas State Railroad, which apparently has never had any financial issues whatsoever.  “People trust me,” he said, “And that’s all that really matters, my name is as good as gold…..or bronze as the statue may be.”


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  1. Ricky Minton……why would you post this type of S*** on this site…..this is all lies and you need to find another hobby than this….law suit waiting….with your name on it…

  2. Bet you were in on that Confederate flag JOKE that made national news a few years ago. When you show up my baby chicks I’ve got a bird dog I’m gonna send home with you. If you promise to pay me good for her I’ll get you 10 more colored votes to go with mine. Let me know if we gotta deal. LMAO

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