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Council Candidate Alex Patel Punished by City Official

Council Candidate Alex Patel Punished by City Official


PALESTINE,TX–City council candidate Alex Patel was summoned to city hall this morning and instructed to report to the principal’s office. He pulled into the driveway around 10am driving his Thursday car, a 2016 Bentley Continental GT.  He quickly pulled into the handicap parking space, exited the vehicle and entered the front door.

Insiders at city hall tell the Dogwood Tale that Patel was directed to the office of Public Works Director, Tim Perry, where he met with “The Principal” for about an hour.  Eavesdroppers report Patel was scolded by Perry and at one point, the principal said, “I assure you, this is going to hurt you more than me.”  Witnesses describe hearing a couple of slapping sounds, much like that of a ruler being swatted against the palm of a hand.  Patel moaned, “Ouch, that hurt,” to which the principal replied, “I told you it was going to.”

A passerby then observed the principal with his right hand on the back of Patel’s head, holding it close to a sheet of paper that appeared to be from the information packet that is provided all city council candidates. “What does that say?” the principal asked and Patel reportedly responded, “It says, uh, it says notice, it is a violation of State law, chapters 392 and 393 to place this sign in the right-of-way of a highway.” Patel then asked the principal, “What is a violation?”  That led to a couple of more swats with the ruler.

The principal dismissed Patel with a stern warning, “If I get one more call, you’re in big trouble mister!” As Patel left the building, he encountered an elderly woman, limping and out of breath.  When she saw Patel getting into his Bentley, witnesses say she went over and started attacking the car with her cane.  A horrified Patel did a quick retreat from the handicap space, gunned the motor and careened out the parking lot, tires squealing. The lady entered city hall gasping for air, “Where’s Tim Perry?” she asked in a raspy voice.


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