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City of Palestine Using Illegal Immigrants to Read and Test Water Meters

City of Palestine Using Illegal Immigrants to Read and Test Water Meters


PALESTINE, TX—In a shocking announcement by City Manager Wendy Ellis, it was revealed that for at least two weeks, the City of Palestine has used illegal immigrants to read and test water meters.  The decision was made after city staff became overwhelmed with requests to re-read and test meters after the release of a 2013 study that showed that 67% of water meters may be over reading causing customers to pay for more water than they actually use.  The report was released by Bob Herrington on KNET’s Meddling in the Morning.

Ellis explained to The Dogwood Tale that the decision to use illegal immigrants was made because of the cheap labor and says that the community will stay safe despite the influx of undocumented workers.

“We’ll only be paying these people $2.50 per hour which is far below the federal minimum wage,” Ellis said, “And the community doesn’t have a worry because we keep the workers housed at the Carnegie Building where they must stay until they work off what they owe the taxpayer for bringing them here.  I don’t know what minimum wage is, but they tell me it’s somewhere around $7.25 per hour.  We’ll also save on health care costs because we won’t be putting these people on the plan.”

Ellis expects a “new shipment” of workers every month for the foreseeable future.  According to Ellis, each month a member of “senior staff” travels to the border and retrieves that months shipment.  Once in Palestine, the immigrants are put right to work and must work a minimum of one year before they have satisfied their debt to the citizens of Palestine.  The immigrants will eventually be released into the community.

Ellis says the program is not without flaws.

“We’ve only had one escape and that was quickly handled by water distribution and wastewater collection supervisor Doug Whitten,” Ellis said.  “Once the immigrant was found to have escaped, Doug immediately grabbed his gun and flashlight and after a brief search in a nearby field, the immigrant was back in the Carnegie Building.  We made an example out of her so I doubt we’ll have that problem again.”

Ellis assures the residents of Palestine that a member of “senior staff” is always on night watch, adding, “Public safety is our number one priority, but we need to get these meters read and tested.”



  1. Instead of giving these jobs to Americans that need it, we’re…oh wait…y’all, are giving it away to the ones that don’t deserve it. Way to go America…….

  2. Fake or not this comments are rude and theres no need for it…illegals or not they deserve a job to…if you haven’t noticed you might want to take a drive around Palestine and see who’s building the things around here!!!

  3. We have a capitalist economy, and with it, the cheapest labor usually wins, illegal or not. As for fake posts, they happen all the time, but people will always try to skew the truth or avoid it entirely to try to make people feel and think what they want them too. As for me, I have had job troubles a lot, but there has never been a time when an illegal beat me out on a job unless they were more qualified, genuinely. That is fair. Most jobs illegals have and get are undesirable for most Americans, and those that want them generally get the jobs

  4. Not all illegals are Mexicans, the people that think that are IGNORANT, there’s people coming from so many countries, and if it bothers the “white” people so much take out your sunblock and go sweat YOUR ass off on the jobs that the “ILLEGALS” are doing.

  5. Omg.. I don’t want an illegal from France, or Germany any more than from Mexico, if you want to live here than do it the right way. It’s hard enough for the people that belong here to find a job. Quit throwing the race card out there.

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