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City of Palestine Clings to Past, Cost Not a Factor

City of Palestine Clings to Past, Cost Not a Factor


PALESTINE,TX—City leaders are optimistic a buyer will soon come forward  to purchase one of Palestine’s most historic homes.  The house, in a prominent historic district, has obviously seen better days and has been on the market for more than ten years, steadily deteriorating as time goes by.  The owner, with advice and support from a local historic preservation group, asked the city for help in maintaining the property, and local officials were quick to respond with an initial allowance of $7500 for fencing to keep vandals from damaging the property.

Officials justify the expense, saying they believe that once the structure is fully renovated, tens of thousands of visitors will flock to town to gaze at the “9th wonder of the world”, spending millions of dollars on food, gas, and hotels in the process.  “We know what we’re doing, just leave us alone,” said one official who also warned, “It’s likely the city will invest a lot of taxpayer money to help with renovations, so get over it.”  The unidentified official went on to make some kind of remark about the city’s new policy of “no structure left behind.”

Asking price for the old dwelling has been firm at $250,000 as the sellers feel “owning a piece of Palestine history is worth every penny” and they have no plans for reducing that amount.   In addition to the purchase price, renovation costs are expected to exceed $1,000,000, an admittedly staggering figure, but the sellers argue anyone putting in that type of investment will get a quick return on their money, should they decide to put the house back on the market.  “People love old houses,” a spokesman said.

Others in town are not so optimistic, “we need a reality check,” one resident said, “we’re always being compared to Galveston, people saying how we have more historic structures than they do.  Well, the only reason for that is, Galveston is blessed with the occasional hurricane or two which takes out ugly, dilapidated structures before the townsfolk can get emotionally attached to them.   We should be so lucky.”


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