Home Palestine City of Palestine Issues Code Red Announcing Road Closures Due to Syrian Refugee Situation
City of Palestine Issues Code Red Announcing Road Closures Due to Syrian Refugee Situation

City of Palestine Issues Code Red Announcing Road Closures Due to Syrian Refugee Situation


PALESTINE, TX–The City of Palestine has issued the following Code Red announcement to citizens in the city for road closures as they handle the settlement of the Syrian refugees.

The Dogwood Tale has been reporting on the Syrian refugees throughout the day and followed the first story with an update when the first refugees began to arrive at City Hall.

The city says further updates will follow as necessary.



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      1. Judy, they obviously don’t have a life. They start rumors which are lies. With the way the country is now, they think it’s funny until the FBI pays them a visit. Must be sad when your entire life is nothing but lies. Whether its BS or not. When enough folks complain, the FBI will pay them a visit. They talk a lot of trash hiding behind a monitor. They think it’s funny. They will keep on and someone will track them.

  1. I can’t believe Palestine would allow 5,000 of them in the city…this is way too close to home…of course our Government will feed and house them where they won’t even help their own…disgusting!!!!

  2. If you were stupid enough to pass this story, or any other story on this page, along as the truth, you should ban yourself from ever using the internet again. It has a 500 word disclaimer that uses the word FAKE, FALSE and SATIRE 20 times. Also, any so-called news story that you want to pass along YOU should do the vetting. One look at the past stories on this page and you should be able to have your little dim lightbulb go on and thing,”Hey…..maybe this is fake. There are stories about a 40 acre sex park, Jade Helm invading Palestine and ones that are even more outrageous”. You, and only YOU are responsible for finding the truth, for passing on true information to your FB friends. You get mad and call the writer names, even threaten violence when YOU are the idiot. Quit reading just the headlines of stories, quit sharing stories without at least a Google search or reading the entire page w/links. It is called your responsibility.

    1. The point of this series of stories was never about the refugees. It was about this city and it’s local want to be leaders trying to make decisions because they’re throwing a temper tantrum right now. People have no idea what’s going on with their local government and that point was well made when they jumped on the ridiculous idea that this was happening.

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