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City of Palestine issues blizzard warning

City of Palestine issues blizzard warning


PALESTINE, TX—Based on information provided to city leaders about local businesswoman Mary Jean Mollard’s experiences during the blizzard of 1846, Emergency Management Coordinator John Heron issued a blizzard warning for city residents.

Born in 1402, the 615-year-old owner of The Redlands has experienced it all.

“I remember back in 1505 when I think I was the only person in Texas,” Mollard said.  “It was weird, but mostly I traveled, and I always ended up right back here in the area that would eventually be called Palestine.”

It was in 1846 that Mollard, then 171 years old, experienced her first blizzard.

“I noticed the same weather conditions I’ve seen this year and I think that we’ll suffer a blizzard on Monday night into Tuesday morning.”

Mollard takes her predictions a step further though, predicting several deaths.

“There will be some death,” a tearful Mollard said.  “What I hope though is that most of those deaths occur at The Platinum Zone club which has invaded our downtown area.  That’s the ones that need to die because what do these black people think?  That they can just open a business in downtown without asking first,” Mollard asked.

For now though, city officials believe Mollard may be correct in her prediction or, in their words, better safe than sorry.

“She’s been right in the past,” Herod said.  “We must take precautions because it was Mollard that predicted the last flood and we ignored her, but in hindsight that was a mistake.  She was right,” he said.

The city says that citizens should remain home on Tuesday and should stock up on the supplies they need to survive at least seven days.

“Again, it’s better safe than sorry,” Herod said.



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