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Palestine City Manager to Dance at Councilman’s Reception Monday Night

Palestine City Manager to Dance at Councilman’s Reception Monday Night


PALESTINE—City employees are fast at work in preparation for a huge ceremony planned for Monday night at Palestine City Hall to honor outgoing district 1 council member Will Brule.  The employees were only presented with the plans last week to install a dancer pole and an oversized cake from which city manager Wendy Ellis will emerge at the beginning of Monday night’s ceremony.

“I’m extremely excited,” Ellis said during an interview with The Dogwood Tale.  “I’ve never performed outside my home, but I consider myself quite the dancer,” pausing with some hesitation, Ellis continued, “I’ve never jumped out of a cake.  Most of my acts involve items resembling a pickle.”

Brule seemed overly excited by the ceremony, adding “I can’t wait.  I’ve worked for Wendy for almost a full year and it’s an honor that my former supervisor would honor me in such a way.”

Mayor Therrell Thomas, upon hearing of the pole being installed, said simply “I told you greater things were yet to come!  I’m delivering on that promise everyday.”

Responding to criticism about the expenses for such an event, Ellis said, “We expect a huge turnout for the performance and anticipate receiving donations throughout the night. I’ve already notified the city finance director to expect a large deposit on Tuesday morning,” though Ellis continued with a smile, “it’ll probably all be in one dollar bills, but we’ll definitely break even and even possibly clear a profit.”

Steve Presley, an avid supporter for the Texas State Railroad and current district 6 councilman said the timing could not be more perfect.  “I happen to know that Wendy recently had a tattoo of the TSRR logo placed in a, well, certain area on her body and the outfit she plans to wear for the Brule ceremony will definitely show off that great artwork,” Presley said.

The questionable event also comes at a time when the Palestine City Council is carefully considering zoning issues with sexually oriented businesses, but despite this, Ellis assured the public that city leaders are opposed to these types of non-government operated establishments being opened within the city limits.

“Loosen up people,” Ellis said, “it’s just a one time event.”  Ellis did not rule out future use of the pole since it would be permanently installed at city hall.  “After all, it’ll already be there, so may as well get some use of it when we can,” Ellis said. Ellis also assured city staff that all future staff meetings will begin or end, sometimes both, with a dance. “That should really improve morale,” Ellis said referring to recent criticisms about low staff morale.

Outgoing Anderson County District Attorney Doug Lowe, a newcomer to the exotic dance scene, is also scheduled to perform during Monday nights ceremonies.

The public is invited to attend, but encouraged to bring large amounts of cash in one dollar denominations.

UPDATE:  Read the exclusive report following the reception!