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City Council Hears Presentation About New Adult Store Coming to City of Palestine

City Council Hears Presentation About New Adult Store Coming to City of Palestine


PALESTINE, TX—Members of the Palestine City Council heard another presentation about the upcoming AdultMart Supercenter Monday night during their regular meeting. The new store is to be located at the mall, which the city plans to lease to the AdultMart company for the location of the largest adult store in the country. The Dogwood Tale first broke the story of the AdultMart Supercenter back in May of this year.

City of Palestine Development Services Director Jeffrey Lyons presented a one hour PowerPoint presentation that shocked members of the audience when an image of a nude City Manager Wendy Ellis was revealed. Due to the graphic nature of the image, The Dogwood Tale has censored the image.

During the presentation, Ellis boasted that the photo was one of her best. “I’m not ashamed to admit that Councilman Mark Price took this photo with one of those phones he sells at Verizon Wireless and it came out pretty good,” Ellis told council. Ellis assured council that all of her was real. “I haven’t had any surgery to make me the big beautiful woman that I am.”

Mayor Thomas appeared excited about the presentation and said he couldn’t wait for AdultMart, which he described as one of the greater things he promised during his campaign for mayor in 2012. “It doesn’t get any better than this and I’m excited to be opening another business inside the AdultMart Supercenter,” the mayor said referring to The Wett Zone—a joint venture with Ellis—where the mayor will offer a bar and restaurant while the city manager will take her now famous dance performances to a whole new level with nightly performances.

Lyons boasted that the new AdultMart store will increase sales tax revenue, tourism and and offer a unique mobile version of the store on The Polar Express excursion offered by the Texas State Railroad. Ellis also informed council that AdultMart has presented the city with plans for a daycare so that families can visit the AdultMart so that children will have activities while parents visit the various merchants inside the store.

Councilman Price said that he was excited that the new store will be better than any of the adult stores he frequents and will save local residents money on fuel costs for their daily travels to Tyler to have access to adult stores located there. “This will keep those tax dollars right here in our community,” Price said before adding, “I’ll be so glad to not have to make that daily drive.”

Councilman Steve Presley quizzed Lyons on the status of negotiations with AdultMart to build a new library with the library being moved from the mall when the adult store opens. Lyons assured Presley that AdultMart had agreed to Presley’s demands.  “Will they tear down the old Memorial Hospital,” Presley asked.  Lyons said that AdultMart had agreed to those terms as well when the idea of creating a AdultMart Express in the old hospital was rejected by Planning and Zoning.

“I’ve been practicing a lot more since my recent fall on the stripper pole here in the lobby of city hall,” Ellis said. “That will not happen again, I can assure you.” Ellis was still wearing a neck brace from injuries sustained in her erotic fall.

Also during the meeting, council passed an ordinance renaming Crockett Road to AdultMart Road. “The new name will help with the rebranding of the City of Palestine as an adult entertainment destination and to support this exciting new business as we expect increased tourism,” Ellis told council. “The new name will not take effect until October.”

After the meeting, Ellis told The Dogwood Tale that this was just the beginning.  “We’ve reached out to some other adult store business entrepreneurs and eventually can see a time when the City of Palestine will be a complete adult destination.”

The AdultMart Supercenter will be a complex containing multiple adult magazine and video stores, a theater and a motel offering hourly rates.



  1. This isn’t satire. This is trash. You’re talking about a woman who accepted an offer to become city manager, at the request of Council. At the same time, she has taken in and fostered 2 young children. She has had a host of issues to deal with, alot of which she inherited from the previous city manager. Raises for staff? That was the creation of the previous city manager, approved by council. She had almost nothing to do with that, and that was your entire platform.

    You have some nerve writing this nonsense. I wonder what your slovenly image would look like plastered all over the internet, had you actually had the votes to win and sit on council. But, sadly, you didn’t win. You just sound bitter and small and miserable.

    If you have a gripe, make a reasoned argument. Not all this “satire” and “breaking news” that is so one sided, its ridiculous. It’s really not even one sided. Its just mostly baseless allegation and 7 loudmouth jackasses all screaming the same bull you’ve spit out without asking a single reasonable question. It’s just sad.

    1. The old Obama excuse. Let’s blame the previous city manager. What problems did she inherit?

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