Home Palestine Chili’s Says ‘Misspoke’ When Announcing Palestine Location; ‘Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in that Town’
Chili’s Says ‘Misspoke’ When Announcing Palestine Location; ‘Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in that Town’

Chili’s Says ‘Misspoke’ When Announcing Palestine Location; ‘Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in that Town’


PALESTINE, TX—It hasn’t been a good week for restaurants in Palestine, even those that aren’t here yet.

Chili’s, who before announced they would be building a new restaurant in Palestine, now says they made the announcement in error.

“We simply misspoke,” Director of Texas Operations for Chili’s Bar & Grill Brandon Powell told The Dogwood Tale.  “I mean, people should have known from the start the it was a mistake.  Why would we put a store in Palestine, Texas?  We gave it some thought and all we did was call city hall and ask some questions and next thing we know, ‘Chili’s is coming to Palestine.’  These people are nuts!”

Powell said the issue isn’t that they don’t want to expand, but that they really feel that Palestine isn’t deserving.

“The town and it’s people are just not the caliber of people we seek out for customers.  We prefer sophisticated and intelligent people to patronize our restaurants and Palestine is far from that and is more of a cesspool filled with people who feel entitled.  We were also given a substantial amount of money by, what I think Palestine calls the ‘old money people’ to not locate there.  To be honest, we wouldn’t be caught dead in that town.”

Powell pointed to recent elections as an example of the stupidity that “exemplifies the typical Palestine citizen.”

“Thousands of people are registered to vote and in the last city election, maybe 500 voted.  That’s shameful.  This town is just not suited for such a fine establishment such as Chili’s Bar & Grill.   They’ll all sign an online petition for a Chic-fil-a though,” Powell said while laughing.

Steve Presley, District 6 Councilmember, was pleased by the clarification.

“This town is old money, always has been and always will be, and we don’t have a place for a business such as Chili’s,” Presley said.  “We have to keep the common people down and new business like this wouldn’t be conducive to those efforts.”



  1. Wow such a sad group of folks. Why are you constantly running the city down in which you reside? Get off you fat lazy asses and be productive citizens instead of hiding behind a computer screen making up fables. This town has needed the growth and people like you are an embarrassment.

    1. A lot. First, you’re rather fat yourself. Second, you don’t even know who your elected officials are and who the city manager is. You’re an uninformed idiot n

    2. I hope you don’t raise your kids to judge people on weight, granted it didn’t really bother me, because I’m sure after every meal you hunch over a toilet and vomit.

    3. No I’m done. You’re pathetic actually. You actually began this conversation. Now abandon it? So typical. You proved you are from palestine with that act of cowardice.

      1. Not everyone from Palestine is awful. I moved to that town when I was three. It has some bad people I’m sure, but what town doesn’t? I don’t think someone should label and entire town awful and the people there stupid, or whatever it is you want to to call them.

    1. I am looking forward to the Chilis. They have some dishes that are different, and that’s what we need here. Something different. Anything new and different is a good thing.

    2. Girl you need to try McAlister’s! They have great soups and sandwiches! One of my faves I’d the broccoli cheddar bowl! And their tea is so yummy! (:

  2. Well in my opinion I am not happy with the comments made by Chili’s spokes person we do have a great town and maybe you wouldn’t feel comfortable here but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable having you all here. We need more family and Christian oriented establishment here. God Bless You for not coming to Palestine.

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