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Campaign Sign Fatigue at TxDot!

Campaign Sign Fatigue at TxDot!


AUSTIN,TX–Switchboard operators at the Texas Department of Transportation are reporting an increase in the volume of calls coming out of Palestine.  Reportedly,  thousands of calls are being answered daily about the illegal placement of signs by district 6 council candidate, Alex Patel.

TxDot officials have hired extra internal staff to handle the flood of calls as well as more employees who will go out and remove the signs.  Persons wishing to file a complaint about alleged right-of-way violations by Patel are urged to call 1-900-ROW-ALEX.  Please note, this may not be a free phone call, some charges may be incurred.  Another option is to simply contact Palestine City Hall, Public Works Department, 903-731-8423.

One TxDot official, Simon Scowell, said worker fatigue is becoming an issue, “As soon as we pluck one illegal sign from the ground, another one goes up.  It’s a never-ending battle and I fear the war on signs cannot be won, but we’ll continue to do our jobs.  I just hope we live through this ordeal.”


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