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Brule Says He’s Anxious to Join Palestine City Council

Brule Says He’s Anxious to Join Palestine City Council


PALESTINE, TX—Former District 1 city council member, Will Brule, will soon take his seat once again on the Palestine city council and says he is excited and anxious to resume his leadership role, predicting he “will come in like a wrecking ball” in an attempt to destroy anything that current Mayor Bob Herrington tries to accomplish.  “I hope to be voted in as mayor pro-tem,” Brule implored , “that way I get to sit next to his majesty and beat him over the head with my cane before sticking it up his rear end and hanging him out to dry!”

Referring to Herrington, “He sucks,” Brule said, “I’m tired of his efforts to adopt sound operational policies, ” then, rolling his eyes for emphasis added, “and, oh dear Lord, his tiresome and boring efforts to promote open government and transparency have no place in today’s progressive Palestine.”  Brule criticized Herrington in saying, “The mayor is too old school, too traditional in his way of thinking, but anyone can look at me and tell right away that I’m a modern-day, intelligent, progressive thinker.  I consider myself to be one smart cookie and I’m just what Palestine needs.”

Once sworn in, Brule indicated his number one priority will be to crack down on handicap parking space violators.  “Nothing makes me angrier,” he said, “It’s reached epidemic proportions and it needs to stop.  This matter affects the daily lives of so many citizens and it is far more important than any little budgetary concerns or lack of proper oversight of taxpayer monies.”  Brule continued his thoughts, adding, “It’s the reason no one decided to run against me, everyone in my district obviously shares my passion about handicap parking space violators, so you might say I have a definite mandate from the people to pursue this most important issue above all other issues.  It’s definitely priority number one for me.”

When The Dogwood Tale suggested that Mayor Herrington might also favor a crackdown on handicap parking space violators, Brule reacted angrily by waving his cane in the air and screaming, “That bastard!  That bully!  We should be focused on budgetary issues, policies and procedures, and open government and now you’re telling me all he is worried about is parking space violators?   See, this is what I’ve been saying all along, the man shouldn’t be in charge of anything, he’s just petty!”

The Dogwood Tale notes that a recently posted item in “For Sale in Anderson County” advertises the following, “one small deer stand, comfortable folding chair, plastic police badge, home-made citation book, and a pair of high-powered binoculars; great tools for spotting handicap parking space violators.  Contact Will Brule, the people’s choice for better government.”





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