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BREAKING:  Palestine Mayor Dyes Peacefully At Home

BREAKING: Palestine Mayor Dyes Peacefully At Home


PALESTINE, TX–Palestine Mayor Bob Herrington dyed peacefully at home tonight.

The three term mayor said he was tired of the constant ridicule and jokes about his hair from sources such as The Dogwood Tale, David Letterman, The Daily Show and others about his hair, but could not bring himself to actually get a haircut.

“I figure, I won’t cut it, mainly because most estimates are in the hundreds of dollars, but it was time to get rid of the gray.  To give me a more youthful look,” Herrington said.  “I decided to do it at home using a 55-gallon barrel and a regular garden hose and not pay a professional.  The whole process, while tedious, was peaceful.”

Herrington hasn’t revealed what color he chose to dye his hair, but sources close to the mayor reveal that black may have been his choice.

Palestine City Manager Wendy Ellis was initially excited until Communications Manager Laura Westgate googled the word “dye.”

Herrington said he may change the color of his depending on his mood before each council meeting.

“I see some meetings where it could be red or even purple,” Herrington said.

District 5 Councilman Doug Smith was at a loss over the decision.

“I simply can’t figure out how a man could so easily make such a decision,” Smith said.  “I mean, he decided and just did it.  No flipping, no flopping, just did it. Words cannot describe the emotions I’m having at this moment.”

District 1 Councilman Adam Harding felt that a survey of residents would have been more appropriate before such serious decision.

“Some residents preferred the gray color,” Harding said. “I believe a survey to decide if the mayor should dye his hair and, if so, what color would have been more proper.  Had we done this properly, a decision could have been made in 4-6 months.”

Note:  Stolen idea.  🙂



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