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BREAKING:  Palestine Mayor Bob Herrington Assassination Attempt

BREAKING: Palestine Mayor Bob Herrington Assassination Attempt


“I was choking, losing air and then I realized, in the middle of my near death:  This was intentional.” –Mayor Bob Herrington

PALESTINE, TX—Breaking tonight, Palestine Mayor Bob Herrington says he was the target of an assassination attempt at a local restaurant.

Herrington said that he and Darla Holt, friend and co-host of his radio show, went to a local restaurant when the unexpected incident occurred.

“I was just seated and the waiter took our order,” Herrington described the horrific incident.  “I ordered chicken noodle soup because I’ve felt a little under the weather and when they brought the soup to the table, everything seemed fine.  Suddenly, it happened.”

Tears built up in Herrington’s eyes as he finished the story.

“After two bites of the chicken noodle soup, I began to choke on a bone and realized that I was in danger.  My security team immediately began the Heimlich Maneuver and the bone was dislodged from my throat; however, I am certain that this bone was intentionally placed in my bowl of soup with the intent of taking my life,” a crying Herrington said.  “It took nearly 6 seconds to dislodge the chicken bone from my throat.  I could have died!”

Herrington suspects that Elkhart may be behind the attempt on his life after the provocative acts by the neighboring city in recent weeks.

Palestine Police Chief Mike Alexander said the department is investigating.

“We’re now investigating this, uh, assassination attempt,” Alexander said using air quotes when he mentioned the words ‘assassination attempt.’  “If we find that the chicken bone was placed in the mayor’s bowl intentionally, swift action will be taken.  In the meantime, I have increased the mayor’s security to include a utilities clerk to help the janitor, who moonlights as the mayor’s security.  The mayor is currently resting at home, after being administered a glass of room temperature tap water, and the soup has been taken as evidence by the police department.  Hey, he’s the mayor, we have to humor him, just bear with us here.”

If anyone has any information, please contact the Palestine Police Department.



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