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Authorities Search for Elkhart Lemur After Third Murder

Authorities Search for Elkhart Lemur After Third Murder


ELKHART, TX–At least three people are dead from attacks by the, now famous, Lemur that has terrorized the City of Elkhart in recent weeks.

Police have declined to name the victims, but according to Sheriff Greg Taylor, the Lemur is to be considered armed and dangerous.

“We received the first call on Thursday evening followed by two more calls in the night,” Taylor told The Dogwood Tale.  “This is a dangerous animal and at this point in the investigation, we are considering the Lemur a serial killer as he carefully selects his victims then stalks them for days before attacking and ultimately killing his prey.”

A note received from the Lemur at the offices of The Dogwood Tale read, “Lemur nice and want be home or kills go on.”  There was no return address and the note is believed to be written in the blood of one of the victims.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, with help from the Palestine Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, have launched a county-wide Lemur hunt that continues as of press time.

Taylor warns the public that if they should come into contact with the Lemur, to maintain your distance and run.

“It may help to arm yourself with a banana.  Simply throw the banana in the direction of the Lemur and run for your life,” Taylor explained.  “So far, all victims have been white, in their early thirties, and have similar builds.  We’re still looking for a connection between the victims.”

“It is important that if you do not have a reason to leave the house, don’t do it,” Taylor warned.  “It is that serious because we don’t know when he will strike again of if he will further escalate to different victim descriptions.”



  1. Did you see the related stories from the Palestine City Manager:” Its Time to Secure Border With Elkhart” and “Elkhart May Have Chemical Weapons”? Its getting real in the mean streets of east Texas, dawg! 😉

  2. This sounds like a case for Criminal Minds…. They could track it down within an hour… Someone should call them… I would be happy to make sandwich’s and cookies for Derek Morgan..js

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