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From bomb shelter, Palestine mayor says he is safe and still in charge of the city

Palestine Mayor Steve Presley remains in a ​bomb shelter after missile warning earlier today. Says he'll come out when he's assured it's safe.

Westwood Council Candidates Unite to Bring Real Change

No matter who wins in the Palestine city council race in Westwood, all three candidates have agreed to serve together as a trilateral commission.

One dead, one injured in Presley Press Conference Announcing Selection for Communications Director

One woman was injured and another killed during the announcement of mayoral candidate Steve Presley's communications director/special enforcer position!

Palestine City Council Approves Deal with Wife of Late Nigerian Head of State Netting $1.2 Million

Thanks to widow of former Nigerian Head of State, City of Palestine to receive $1.2 million for helping widow get full $6.5 million.

Elkhart Lemur Announces Candidacy for Anderson County Sheriff

Keneau the Lemur has announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Anderson County, but some question his eligibility to hold office.

Palestine City Employee Under Investigation for Not Stealing

PALESTINE, TX–A City of Palestine employee is facing an investigation after allegations surfaced that the employee was not participating in the rampant government employee theft by other employees. “We have an employee that is not stealing,” said city finance director Larry Pannell during an interview over a delicious lunch purchased with Pannell’s own city credit […]

BREAKING: Palestine Mayor Bob Herrington Assassination Attempt

Palestine Mayor Bob Herrington purports that he was the victim of an attempted assassination.

Former Palestine Councilmember and Mayor Use Time Travel to Remove Current Mayor; Effort is Backfiring

Former Councilmember Will Brule and former Mayor Therrell Thomas have traveled back in time to help restore Wendy Ellis as city manager, but their efforts are backfiring as it appears she and current Mayor Bob Herrington are both being erased from the history books.