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City of Palestine issues blizzard warning

Local business owner Mary Jean Mollard recalls her last blizzard in 1857 forcing city officials to issue a blizzard warning for Palestine.

Palestine City Manager says oversight committee would prevent him from taking the money needed for his mortgage

PALESTINE, TX—Palestine City Manager Mike Hornes lashes out at council members and citizens who want to take the money he needs for his mortgage by creating an oversight committee that would prevent him from stealing the needed cash. “This is just fucking ridiculous,” Hornes told The Dogwood Tale.  “I don’t come down to these peoples […]

Palestine McDonald’s Employees Stunned by Cigarette Smoking Man that Emerged from Water Faucet

Palestine McDonald's employees report that a grown man, smoking a cigarette, emerged from water faucet while washing dishes.

Palestine Mayor Candidate Hears Voters and Promises Exciting New Business

With citizens wanting more business in Palestine, mayor candidate Steve Presley presents a plan to bring those businesses, or the people, to the business.

Palestine Mayoral Candidate Michael Sims Sentenced to Hard Labor at Moon Oovo IV Prison

Michael Sims, mayoral candidate in Palestine, has been incarcerated at Moon Oovo IV prison for violating orders from the highest authority.

Domestic Assault Breaks Out on Live Radio Between Palestine Mayor and Co-Host; Serious Injuries Reported

A domestic disturbance turned physical assault was caught on live radio between Mayor Bob Herrington and co-host Darla Holt on Wednesday. Victim recovering.

Anderson County Sheriff Makes Major Announcement

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor makes important announcement as race for sheriff's position heats up with Gary Rayford.

Anderson County Sheriff Candidates to Battle It Out in Wrestlemania Match in Dallas

Sheriff Greg Taylor and challenger Gary Rayford will settle the battle for Anderson County sheriff in Wrestlemania battle this Sunday!

Palestine Jack in the Box: ‘We are out of everything but the straws.’

Palestine Jack in the Box announces that they are out of everything but straws, but asks customers to purchase straws at $.25 each to help pay employee wages while they await the truck.

BREAKING: Woman Held in Cage at Palestine Hampton Inn After Conviction by Hotel Tribunal For Having Gun

Margaret Simmons, 39, is being held in a small cage at the Palestine Hampton Inn after being convicted of violating hotel's no open carry policy. Family pleas for release.