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Presley Proposes TSRR as a City Voting Location

If Palestine mayoral candidate Steve Presley has his way, you can use your ballot for a ride on the Texas State Railroad in this new proposal.

The Importance of Alex Patel: The Signs are Everywhere

The signs for Alex Patel are everywhere from coast to coast as he seeks to win the District 6 council seat against challenger Ann Connor.

Council Candidate Alex Patel Punished by City Official

A city official, fed up with election sign violations throughout the city, punished council candidate Alex Patel, old school!

Campaign Sign Fatigue at TxDot!

TxDot has been overwhelmed with calls about campaign sign violations and are stepping up staff to deal with the overwhelming problem.

Councilman Presley Seeks Black Vote in Race for Mayor

Palestine mayoral candidate, Steve Presley, attempts to sway black voters with offer in exchange for their vote and support.

Dogwood Tale Garners Local Support

A recent survey of Palestine residents showed that The Dogwood Tale is now the most trusted source for local news.

Palestine Mayoral Candidate Has Concerns About City Water

Palestine Mayor candidate Michael Sims took a his 15-minute lunch break to sit down for an exclusive interview about why he decided to seek the mayor job.

Council Candidate No Match for Lady Justice

Local hotel owner and District 2 Candidate for Palestine City Council, Alex Patel, had his way with Lady Justice atop the Anderson County Courthouse!

Presley Predicts Title of “Best Mayor Ever”

Steve Presley, candidate for Palestine Mayor, is certain he's destined to be the city's best mayor ever. Presley sits down with TDT to explain!

Don’t Give ’em the Cold Shoulder, Blue Bell Lives Matter!

Blue Bell Lives Matter as ice cream has been returned to store shelves!