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Palestine City Hall Installs New Messaging Device

The City of Palestine is saving money with a new messaging system requiring only one employee.

Notes From Palestine Herald-Press Reporter Discovered After High Winds

Palestine Herald-Press reporter notes discovered after high winds.

Uppity Palestine Resident Barking up Wrong Dogwood Tree

A Palestine resident is angry over a KLTV report.

Downtown Palestine: A Real Horror Story

In years past, downtown Palestine had an issue with wild hogs. Over the years, the hog problem slowly vanished, slipping silently from the minds of downtown business owners and visitors. But now, the shortsightedness of the past has created a nightmare scenario today.

Campaign Fatigue Leads to Parking Lot Tirade

The hard work of campaigning led mayoral candidate Michael Sims to a tirade in the parking lot of his employers while broadcasting live on Facebook.

Sims City: A Brand New Palestine

A video game is the inspiration for mayoral candidate Michael Sims as he lays out his plans for Palestine.

Shocking Development: Shadowy Informants Reveal Disturbing Facts

Anonymous employees in the shadows are telling it all and revealing some disturbing facts.

Seeing Red: The Face of What Can Happen with Chlorine Burnouts!

A Palestine man was told the city water was safe to drink during the annual chlorine burnout, but his appearance tells otherwise.

Something Fishy About Our Potholes!

Local authorities confirm thousands of dead fish were found floating in a pothole in the western part of the city.

Athens 1st Grader Schools Mom on the Law

An Athens first grader schooled his mom on election law with none other than Alex Patel, Palestine council candidate as his inspiration.