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Palestine police chief shows up at arrests to take selfies

Palestine police chief Andy Harvey under fire for showing up at police calls to take selfies with the victims and accused.

Radioactive Mosquitoes Released to Combat Bat Problem in Downtown Palestine

Mosquitoes were released over downtown Palestine to combat the migration of bats into the area.

Palestine Mayoral Candidate Michael Sims Takes Over Council Meeting and Declares Himself ‘Mayor’

Palestine mayoral candidate Michael Sims declared himself mayor during a special Friday meeting of the Palestine City Council.

Palestine Woman Dies During Water Town Hall

A Palestine woman is dead after drinking city water during a town hall meeting about the safety of city water.

Palestine Cici’s Reopens; Parents Not Concerned with It Being Front for Drug Dealer

Palestine Cici's is open again at a new modern location and we could stop there because parents don't care that it's a front for drug dealer.

Palestine District One Councilman Has Most Unusual Swearing in Ceremony

Residents say it was the oddest swearing in ceremony for any elected official they've ever attended, but Brule confident he made a great start to his term.

Poll: 88% of Likely Voters Would Rub Rayford’s Head and Make Wish

Rub his head and make a wish! That's what 88% of likely voters said they would do if given the chance by Anderson County sheriff candidate Gary Rayford.

Palestine Residents Eager to Hate Ricky Minton Again

Enough is enough some Palestine residents say as they demand that it's time to hate Ricky Minton again!

Palestine Council Candidate Will Brule: ‘We’re getting a Planned Parenthood!”

District 1 Palestine City Council candidate Will Brule announces his plan to genetically engineer the perfect Palestine resident using the services of the soon to be opened Planned Parenthood clinic.

Chili’s Says ‘Misspoke’ When Announcing Palestine Location; ‘Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in that Town’

Chili's says they 'misspoke' when announcing new store in Palestine, TX where they 'wouldn't be caught dead.'