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Anderson County Sheriff Warns of Local Telephone Scam

Anderson County Sheriff Warns of Local Telephone Scam


PALESTINE, TX–Sheriff Greg Taylor issued a warning for local residents about a new telephone scam that has claimed victims across the county.  The scam has cost residents thousands of dollars.

“With the recent events surrounding the Lemur in Elkhart, he is trying to raise money for his defense,” Sheriff Taylor said.  “What we’re seeing is other Lemurs taking advantage of this situation and calling local residents and asking for donations for the defense fund.”

Sheriff Taylor said that there is only one official fundraising campaign and that is at the website https://www.crowdrise.com/pleasehelpsavekeenu/fundraiser/tammybaughman

Sheriff Taylor warned that if any Lemur calls your home and asks for personal information such as credit card or bank account information, do not give that information, but instead contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office immediately.

“We get these scams from time to time, but I’ll admit, it’s the first time the monkey population has committed such an act,” the sheriff concluded.

“Want stay home, not die, be home,” Keneau the Lemur said.  “Need banana.”

Keneau is a suspect in multiple homicides in the Elkhart area and is believed to be responsible for the robbery of a local convenience store.  His crime spree has startled a normally calm community, but Keneau says his actions were necessary.

“Must survive, must live,” the Lemur said.

Sheriff Taylor has warned that if you come into contact with Keneau to simply throw a banana in his direction and run for your life, not stopping until you are safe.

So far, the official fundraiser has raised $50.