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Council Candidate No Match for Lady Justice

Council Candidate No Match for Lady Justice

Lady Justice atop the Anderson County Courthouse after removal of Patel sign.

PALESTINE, TX–Local hotel owner and  candidate for the District 6 council seat, Alex Patel, has apparently violated Lady Justice who stands atop the dome of the Anderson County courthouse.  In her left hand she holds the scales of justice which symbolize equality for all under the law, however, one of Patel’s campaign signs made a brief appearance before a barrage of complaints resulted in its removal.

Patel had reportedly placed his campaign sign on one side of the scales of justice, then added that of his opponent, Ann Conner, to the other, but used lead weights so his sign was lower, in other words, he tipped the scales in his favor.  In effect, Patel made it seem Lady Justice had given more weight to his candidacy and was supporting him over his rival, Ann Conner.  When contacted by The Dogwood Tale, Patel said it was an innocent mistake and that he was ignorant of the law.  He described how he had climbed to the top of the dome and at first tried to snuggle up to Lady Justice. “You know, just to get her in the mood,” he explained.  “I tried putting my hand up her robe,” Patel joked, “I even squeezed her breast and made a honking sound, but she didn’t flinch.”  Patel described her reaction as “cold with a steely eyed stare.”

Patel promised to have the offensive sign removed immediately, but admitted he had taken several selfies while groping Lady Justice and proudly stated he’s saving them for when he is the master of ceremonies at the next Chamber of Commerce banquet.   “I’ve been working on one liners just for the occasion,” was his last comment

Upon a drone flyover inspection, The Dogwood Tale can confirm the scales of justice are now equal once again. Patel has been under attack for numerous campaign sign violations, most of which involve illegal placement in highway right-of-ways.


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